Wholesale Purchases

Please contact Ingrid at one of the phone numbers or by e-mail for information on wholesale prices.

Note: Wholesale prices are only given to companies or firms that work "in the trade". If someone wants to get wholesale prices, he or she needs to show licensing and business promotional documentation to support their status. Someone who qualifies for wholesale pricing should be knowledgeable about the plants, know what and how many plants they want (within reason) and not ask "retail customer" types of questions.

Western Trillium

Western Trillium

People working "in the trade" might include:

It is up to Ingrid, the owner of Woodbrook Nursery, to decide who is eligible for wholesale pricing. This should be done prior to a visit to the nursery during which you want to purchase plants at wholesale pricing. Our regular staff are trained to help retail customers and not the wholesale accounts - that responsibility is Ingrid's.

Preferred wholesale sequence is:

Other wholesale terms and conditions: