Betula papyrifera Canoe Birch, Paper Birch

  • Betula papyrifera,  Canoe Birch, Paper Birch
  • Plant type
    • Deciduous Tree
  • Native or non-native
    • Native
  • Sun & shade levels
    • Full Sun
    • Part Shade
  • Soil conditions
    • Dry
    • Some Moisture
    • Moist & Well-Drained
  • Yearly Height, Width
    • 3 ft., 2 ft.
  • Ten Year Height, Width
    • 25 ft., 15 ft.
  • Matured Height, Width
    • 50 ft., 20 ft.

As it ages, the bark will become white.

As this specimen native tree matures, the bark develops creamy-white areas and peals off in papery layers. It tends to be columnar shaped with heights to 50 ft and widths at maturity of approximately 15-20 ft.. Does well in well drained to slightly moist soils. Very attractive in groves. Probably one of the best choices among the native trees as a street tree,

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