Holodiscus discolor Ocean Spray

  • Holodiscus discolor,  Ocean Spray
  • Holodiscus discolor,  Ocean Spray
  • Plant type
    • Deciduous Shrub
  • Native or non-native
    • Native
  • Sun & shade levels
    • Full Sun
  • Soil conditions
    • Dry
  • Upland/wetland ratings
    • UPL-Very dry, found in upland
  • Yearly Height, Width
    • 1-2 ft., 6-12 in.
  • Ten Year Height, Width
    • 8 ft., 5 ft.
  • Matured Height, Width
    • 12 ft., 12 ft.

In spring, this member of the Rose Family provides quite a floral show along many NW roads. Flowers are small, creamy white, and borne in large clusters, resembling ocean foam. This multi-stemmed shrub can be used both ornamentally and in the naturalized settings. Prefers well drained soils.

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