Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose

  • Rosa nutkana,  Nootka Rose
  • Rosa nutkana,  Nootka Rose
  • Plant type
    • Deciduous Shrub
  • Native or non-native
    • Native
  • Sun & shade levels
    • Full Sun
    • Part Shade
  • Soil conditions
    • Very Dry
    • Dry
    • Moist & Well-Drained
  • Upland/wetland ratings
    • FAC-Found in wetland and upland
  • Yearly Height, Width
    • 2-3 ft., 1-1.5 ft.
  • Ten Year Height, Width
    • 8 ft., 4 ft.
  • Matured Height, Width
    • 8 ft., 5 ft.

This native rose does well in both dryish and moist habitats on both sides of the Cascades. It has an aggressive root system, which make it good for erosion control. Roses are large single pink blooms followed by purplish hips. Very much like the rosa pisocarpa, but rarely found in wet areas.

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