Salix sitchensis Sitka Willow

  • Salix sitchensis,  Sitka Willow
  • Salix sitchensis,  Sitka Willow
  • Plant type
    • Deciduous TreeDeciduous Shrub
  • Native or non-native
    • Native
  • Sun & shade levels
    • Full Sun
    • Part Shade
  • Soil conditions
    • Dry
    • Some Moisture
    • Moist & Well-Drained
  • Upland/wetland ratings
    • FACW-Usually found in wetland
  • Yearly Height, Width
    • 3 ft., 2 ft.
  • Ten Year Height, Width
    • 17 ft., 14 ft.
  • Matured Height, Width
    • 24 ft., 23 ft.

The underside of the leaves is whitish and shines when you move it.

Small tree or shrub growing to 24 ft. Likes moist areas. In the willow family so it has roots which need to be kept away from septic systems. It can be distinguished from other willows by the underside of the leaf which sort of shines when you move it side to side.

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