Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery History

In 1991 Woodbrook Nursery became licensed in Washington State. Since then the nursery has changed from selling plants by appointment only, to being open 5 days per week. Also, Woodbrook’s plant selection has increased significantly in that time period.

The owner, Ingrid, decided to concentrate on Pacific Northwest Natives after having her landscape design customers get frustrated when they tried to find many of the native plants that were in the landscape designs. Once starting to grow natives, it was apparent that a lot of natives were also in demand for parks, along highways, and in restoration sites.

Now that natives are more readily available, more home owners are using them in their yards. But it is still in its relative infancy as a plant market. It takes some demand for native plants for nurseries to bother growing them, and there is little demand until they are grown by someone so people can decide they want them. It is a gradual process.