Nursery Staff


We are fortunate at Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery to have some very knowledgeable plant people on staff. We look forward to working with you on something as small as one native addition to your yard to a whole yard redo. We have been growing Pacific NW Natives since the early 1990’s and have learned a lot in that time. Come visit us!



Ingrid started Woodbrook Nursery in 1993. Her education was initially in Electrical Engineering, earning a BS and MEE from Cornell University. She found her love of growing plants and using her design skills was not satisfied in engineering. A 2 year program in landscape Technology from Portland Community College filled in her knowledge gaps and became a good basis for growing plants.

She also studied and passed the test required to become a CPH (Certified Professional Horticulturalist) and has continued her education over the years to maintain the certification.

Ingrid rarely finds time to do any designs any more, concentrating on buying and marketing the native plants Woodbrook grows. She is always looking for new natives from other growers to give her customers a larger selections of natives from which to choose.

She has recently completed WSU’s class in LID (Low Impact Development) and has been adjusting the plants growing at the nursery to better satisfy this emerging market. Natives are such a good choice for the Rain Gardens that are so ecologically friendly.


Plant Production Mgr., Sales Consultant

Dana plays a key roll at Woodbrook keeping the plants alive and healthy and propigating many from seed. She is a very knowledgeable sales consultant who can help people with their native plant needs at their homes. She works only part time at Woodbrook, tutoring math at another job the rest of the week.

She has a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Washington State University and a Masters of Science in Urban Horticulture from the University of Washington. For her master’s thesis she studied the possible causes of decline for the Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menziesii). She is currently writing an encyclopedia of the cultural and natural history of Pacific Northwest native plants.

Prior to joining Woodbrook’s staff, she worked for several years at Point Defiance greenhouses and the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. She is an advid gardener and has designed and installed a green roof on an auxilary building at her property. Her home is solar powered.


Plant Production Assistant and Sales Consultant

Chris is at Woodbrook four days per week assisting customers and propagating plants. She is a Master Gardener and is very people friendly. Chris has learned a lot about our native plants since she started in 2013.