If you are interested in adding more NW native plants to your yard, a visit to Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery will be worth the trip!

We stock over 90 different types of Pacific NW Natives – from the trees that grace our forests, to the perennials that border our streams, to the strawberries that grow on the sand dunes. We try to find new plants each year – picking up some that enthusiastic growers have decided to grow from seed and some of the larger commercial growers produce by bare root or plug each year.

One recent visitor said we had the best selection of natives of any of the nurseries he has visited. We are not sure how we compare to all the other nurseries, but know we have a great selection and figure we must have one of the best selections of NW natives in the greater Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia area.

Check out our website. Our inventor changes each week, so be sure to check by phone if there is a specific plant you are interested in to make sure it is still in stock before you make the trip.