Wholesale Purchases

Please contact Ingrid at one of the phone numbers or by e-mail for information on wholesale prices.

Note: Wholesale prices are only given to companies or firms that work “in the trade”. If someone wants to get wholesale prices, he or she needs to show licensing and business promotional documentation to support their status. Someone who qualifies for wholesale pricing should be knowledgeable about the plants, know what and how many plants they want (within reason) and not ask “retail customer” types of questions.

People working "in the trade" might include:

  • Licensed Nurseries
  • Individuals with a Nurseryman’s License (added to Washington Business License)
  • Licensed Landscapers or Wetland Biologists or Landscape Designers who do installations for their clients
  • Building Contractors installing landscapes at their commercial sites
  • Municipalities (Cities and Counties) doing landscapes for their municipalities
  • Businesses which are landscaping their business location

It is up to Ingrid, the owner of Woodbrook Nursery, to decide who is eligible for wholesale pricing. This should be done prior to a visit to the nursery during which you want to purchase plants at wholesale pricing. Our regular staff are trained to help retail customers and not the wholesale accounts – that responsibility is Ingrid’s.

Preferred wholesale sequence is:

  • The wholesale customer emails or faxes over plant list.
  • Ingrid bids the job and faxes or emails it back (can usually happen within 24 hours if Ingrid is in town).
  • The plants can be pulled ahead of time and a pickup time is established.

Other wholesale terms and conditions:

  • Minimum wholesale purchase is $50. Anything less is considered retail.
  • Wholesale purchases need to be paid by cash or check unless other prior arrangements have been made with Ingrid.
  • When visiting the nursery, it is best to prearrange an appointment with Ingrid. If this cannot be coordinated to a mutually acceptable time, Ingrid might be able to instruct her staff about how to help if she has sufficient information. There is more flexibility with return customers.
  • If you come to the nursery without a prior appointment, you should identify yourself to the staff as a wholesale customer. We want to give appropriate service to wholesale customers, but that will not be the same as retail service. Our sales staff’s primary responsibility is to help retail customers. If you do not identify yourself as wholesale at the onset of your visit, you should expect to pay retail prices.
  • Wholesale plants need to be pulled from growing beds, not retail sales beds, unless the growing bed stock is too limited.
  • Our staff will point you in the right direction to find the plants you need. You should be prepared to pick through the stock to get the plants you want. Our staff might help if they are not already busy with retail customers or engaged in other activities.
  • Do not take any plants from areas not specified by the staff – we have lots of plants pulled for other orders and they might not to labeled as such, but ARE spoken for and not available.
  • There is a 15% restocking/cancellation charge for plants pulled, reserved, and/or purchased from another grower for a customer and not taken. If projects are out more than 2 months, holding fees may be appropriate and need to be agreed upon.
  • To hold plants for more than a week, and/or when we are purchasing plants from other growers to fill your order, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required. This will help offset our labor and plant purchase costs that are associated with reserving the plants you need. If the order is cancelled, this money will not be refunded, but we will not also apply the 15% restocking/cancellation charge. Only one of the charges will be applied.